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For Request Guidelines

Online Request Form

Public Record Request Policy  (.pdf) Facility Use Guide for Jamestown Park Clubhouse
  Parkscape Sponsorship Form  (.pdf)
Public Comment Policy for Public Meetings  (.pdf) Streetscape Sponsorship Form  (.pdf)

Development Data

Approved Development Ordinance Development Checklist  (.pdf)
Permitted Uses Tables (general, manufacturing and wholesale) Dedication Warranty  (.pdf)
   Zoning Map  
  Certificate of Construction Completion Owners Affadavit
Sign Ordinance  (Article 17 of the Development Ordinance)  
  Engineer Certification of Compliance (.pdf)
Nuisance Abatement and Property Management Code  
Special Events Ordinance Development Clearance Certificate (.pdf)
Special Events Permit  (.pdf) (Plot Plan Example) (.pdf)
Tree Ordinance Code of Ethics passed Sept 21, 2010
Solicitation Ordinance (.pdf)  Code of Ordinances   (.pdf) passed May 16, 2017
Solicitation Application (.pdf) Charter
Solid Waste Collection Ordinance (.pdf) 1981 Revised Town Charter
Deer Hunting Ordinance (.pdf)  
Urban Archery Program (.pdf)  
Burning Ordinance (.pdf)  




The Web version of the Town of Jamestown Ordinances ares provided for reference and the convenience of having the Ordinance in a computer-readable format. The print version of the Ordinance, together with any amendments adopted by the Town Council subsequent to the most recent update to the print version, remains the official version of the Ordinance. If any discrepancies exist between the print and web versions of the Ordinance, the print version, together with any Town Council amendments, shall be considered correct. Recent amendments to the Ordinance may appear on the Web prior to being incorporated into the print version of the Ordinance.





Plan Review* Annexation Petitions
Cover Sheet (.pdf) Church (.pdf)
   Contact Planning Director for dwg file Corporations (.pdf)
Design Review Application (.pdf) Individuals (.pdf)
Sign Post Specifications (.pdf) LLC's (.pdf)
Flood Development Permit Application (.pdf) Partnerships (.pdf)
  POA (.pdf)
*Contact Town Planner  
or call 336.454.1138 for an AutoCAD version.  
  Zoning Administration
Planning Board Rezoning Application (.pdf)
Easement Release Form (.pdf) Sign Permit (.pdf)
Street Closing Petition (.pdf) Special Use Permit (.pdf)
Sample Letter of Reasonableness  (.pdf) Zoning Petition (.pdf)
  Fence Permit  (.pdf)
Complaint Forms Zoning Compliance for Business  (.pdf)
Nuisance Complaint Form (.pdf)  


Public Services


Standards Water and Sewer, Ordinances, Policies, Plans
Sign Post Specifications  (.pdf) Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Policy  (.pdf)
Water Standard Details  (.pdf) Backflow Prevention Test Report  (.pdf)
Sewer Standard Details  (.pdf) Ordinance for the Operation of the Water and Wastewater System  (.pdf)
Storm Standard Details  (.pdf) Sewer Use Ordinance  (.pdf)
Roadway Standard Details  (.pdf) Emergency Water Shortage Response Plan  (.pdf)
Technical Standards   (.pdf) Residual Fats, Oil and Grease Control Policy (.pdf)
  2018/2019 Rate Schedule (.pdf)
Hydrant Use Pool Policies
Application for Fire Hydrant Meter  (.pdf) Swimming Pool Policy  (.pdf)
Hydrant Use Policy  (.pdf) Pool Sewer Credit  (.pdf)
Hydrant Meter Fees  (.pdf)  
Utility Billing  
Bank Draft Request  (.pdf) Forms may be faxed to 336.886.3504 or emailed to Sharen Apple
Utility Billing Payment Policy  (.pdf)  
Customer Account Information Form  (.pdf) E-bill requests are processed online. Click here to sign-up.
  For detailed instructions for signing up for e-bill click here.



Non-Profit Organization Funding Policy and Application  (.pdf)

Minority Business Participation Outreach Plan  (.pdf)

Parks and Recreation

Jamestown Park Clubhouse Facility Use Guide     (.pdf)
Field Facility Use Policy     (.pdf)
Field Facility Rental Agreement     (.pdf)
Shelter Rental Agreement     (.pdf)
Parkscape Sponsorship Form  (.pdf)
Results of Parks and Recreation Survey  (.ppt)
Parks and Recreation for Jamestown Park Master Plan (Dec 2014)  (.pdf)


Parks Rules and Regulations     (.pdf)

Master Pedestrian Plan

Jamestown Comprehensive Transportation  (.pdf)