Planning / Zoning Enforcement Department Mission Statement

The Town of Jamestown Planning / Zoning Enforcement Department provides design guidance, zoning enforcement, reviews zoning and subdivision applications, and shapes public policy related to growth and development. We are committed to proactive, community-based planning founded on public participation, and to the building of livable, sustainable communities.

The mission of the Planning Department is to provide education, information, recommendation, and leadership products to citizens of Jamestown so they can enjoy a quality of life enriched by choices in housing and transportation, efficient use of public infrastructure, distinctive community character, and a robust civic life.

Contact Information

Matthew Johnson, Town Planner
301 E. Main Street, P.O. Box 848
Jamestown, NC 27282
Phone: 336.454.1138

Planning fee schedule


Planning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Forms and Downloads

All forms and ordinances may be found on the Downloads page.

Comprehensive Land Development Plan

A comprehensive plan is a land use document that provides the framework and policy direction for land use decisions. The Jamestown 2020 Land Development Plan contains the following chapters: Community Overview, Existing Conditions, Community Values, Land Use Recommendations, and Implementation.

Comprehensive plans identify where and how growth needs will be met. Adjacent jurisdictions are encouraged to have plans that are consistent. These plans then provide the basis for many of the policies, regulation, and budget decisions that Jamestown will make.

Some of the benefits of having an effective comprehensive plan:

Cities and counties integrate decisions about land uses, transportation, water capacity, public facilities, natural resources, environmental protection, economic development, housing and other issues.

Developers and citizens know what to expect as communities make clear decisions and as jurisdictions coordinate with each other and with local districts that provide service.

You may Download the Comprehensive Land Development Use Plan (.pdf).

Also available is a 2011 Update (.pdf).

Nuisance Complaints

It is the goal of the Town of Jamestown to preserve our community character and to promote an environment which is enjoyable for all citizens.  When a citizen’s quality of life is negatively impacted by the actions of others, it may become necessary to lodge a complaint.  It is the Town’s policy that nuisance complainants will be asked to give enough information to allow Town staff to effectively address the concern.  As such, the Town of Jamestown will not respond to anonymous “tips” left on voicemails or “passed along” through other channels. 

Complainants may remain anonymous, but must either:

              1) speak to the enforcement officer in person or on the phone, or

              2) fill out the complaint form and submit it to the Town for review. 

Having this information on a form will allow town staff to more efficiently track the status of complaints submitted to the Town.

Complaints which are  formal (i.e.- not “anonymous”) receive a priority status and will be addressed without delay.  Residents who provide contact information will be advised on actions regarding their complaint.

Complaints regarding nuisance animals should be directed to the Guilford County Animal Control.  The Town of Jamestown contracts with Guilford County to provide its citizens this service.  You may reach them at 336.641.5990 or online

Click here for the Town's Nuisance Abatement Code.

For other complaints or information, please contact the Town Planner at 336-454-1138 or email Town Planner for more information.



Zoning shapes our community.  It determines the size and use of buildings, where they are located and, in large measure, the densities of our neighborhoods.  Zoning is one of the most important tools for carrying out planning policy.  You can download Jamestown’s current UNOFFICIAL Zoning Map here.  This map should only be used as a “guide” and may not be the most recent zoning map.  The OFFICIAL zoning map for the Town of Jamestown may be viewed at Town Hall.  For detailed descriptions of each zoning district, please consult our Land Development Ordinance in the “Ordinance” section below. 

The Town of Jamestown encourages real estate professionals, appraisers, and others seeking current zoning classifications to contact the Town Planner at 336-454-1138 or email Town Planner for more information.



Urban Forestry

Urban forestry is the cultivation and management of trees in and around the places we live - cities, suburbs, and rural communities - for their contribution to the environment, the community, and the economic well-being of our society.

What an urban forestry program can do for Jamestown:

  • Spend your tax dollars wisely on trees of good quality suited for the site in which they are planted.
  • Serve as a leader for tree-awareness programs.
  • Provide you with valuable information about tree care, reputable tree care companies, and how to comply with tree ordinances.
  • Train and supervise City crews or contractors on proper tree-trimming practices.
  • Champion tree planting and preservation of existing trees when developers propose new projects.
  • Prevent accidents and expensive lawsuits by regularly inspecting trees on public property and rights-of-way for potential hazards.

Download a copy of Jamestown's Tree Ordinance.

Significant Departmental Accomplishments


  • Received award of "Honorable Mention - Implementation - Small Community" from the NC Chapter of the American Planning Association for work on the new Land Development Ordinance.
  • The Planning Department has been responsible for administering the Tree City USA application and the Town of Jamestown has received this award for 3 consecutive years.  In FY 2010-2011, the Town received a "Growth Award" from the National Arbor Day Foundation for their continued dedication to tree preservation.
  • The Planning Department coordinates planning related issues between multiple jurisdictions - Greensboro, High Point, and Guilford County.
  • The Planning Department has created and maintained Official Town maps (zoning, watershed, land use, infrastructure, etc.) through the use of GIS.
  • Equitable processes for plan review were implemented with the creation of the Technical Review Committee.
  • Customer service enhanced through the institution of processes for handling citizen complaints related to nuisance violations.


Future Issues


  • Planning Department will continue to implement and maintain the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Ordinance to comply with current laws.
  • The Town Planner will be working closely with local business owners, property owners, and citizens to help improve the aesthetics and business-mix found in the business districts.
  • The Town Planner will continue to work with local developers, citizens, and Council to find ways to grow the tax base in the most appropriate manner for Jamestown.
  • The Town Planner will continue to work with other jurisdictions (Greensboro, High Point, and Guilford County) to partner where necessary to complete projects that benefit Jamestown.
  • The Planning Department will continue to work closely with other departments to ensure that sidewalk projects and other pedestrian infrastructure components are constructed which will enhance the Town of Jamestown.
  • The Planning Department, in conjunction with the Recreation Division and Public Services, will work to enhance park facilities and infrastructure.
  • The Planning Department will continue to seek all possible grant funding sources to complete CIP items and other goals of the Town and its citizens.